Baldur's Gate

The Lady's Jewels, Part 1

Xend offered us two missions. We declined robbing the Temple of Gond, and instead decided to steal the “back & forth” jewels from Lady Vanette.

DR 1379, 25th Flamerule

Lady Vanette & Lady Flouraine have jewels which have been stolen from each other on multiple occasions. The two ladies grew up together, both stepchildren of the same woman. As they grew older, a rivalry developed, and now they compete to wear the jewels to the annual Aristocrats’ Ball. So, for 9 years, both have taken turns stealing it.

We came up with a plan. And then we got together with D’azmril to come up with a “plan”. Points made:
- Two houses in fair Garden District, both alike in dignity
- Three guards on the house.

Spoke to Jarlon about the gems. We tried to make a copy, and failed. With sufficient inducements, Jarlon agreed to create the forgery.



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