Baldur's Gate

The Lady's Jewels, part 2

as recounted by Damir

It is the 26th day of Flamerule.

While Damir was learning D’azmril’s contacts, Leoian Scrivner found out that Lady Vanette hired a stone mason. We fear she may be planning to wall the jewels in completely. This would make it difficult to swap the jewels before the “real” heist…

Meanwhile, Corentin Lor and Vimmack went to comission some fake jewels from Motya, a criminal staned glass maker in the Merchant Quarter (NW part of town). Cor reasoned with him and got him to work on spec… promising him points in a big stage production that doesn’t exist. (He may have to worry about that later.)

On the evening of the 27th day, Leo snuck into the stonemason’s home. He found a document relating to the job that shows he will be filling in two doors, but the details are (apparently deliberately) vague as to which doors those will be. Furthermore, apparently, Corentin and Leoian have a “mutual friend” with the stonemason – although they do not know him personally, nor do they need him, per se. Nonetheless, the seem insistant that we cannot make him disappear… but they offered a new plan that seems rather promising.

In the morning of the 28th, Corentin and Leoian went to speak with the stonemason to try and get Leo hired as a day laborer. The rest of us assume this conversation went as expected…

Meanwhile, Damir picked up the completed fake jewels and handed them off to Leo after the meeting. Apparently Damir is going to work in sales for him for two week, but will get a 1% comission during the second week.

However, while Leoian was failing to work his magic inside, D’azmril showed up outside where the rest of us were keeping watch. She proposed that Corentin distract the Flaming Fist patrols while Leo sneaks in and the rest of us take on the paladins.

Unfortunately, Leoian then came out and let us know that he decided not to even try swapping the jewels just because the paladins were around. He in fact helped to seal the room, with the paladins inside it. Fortunately, there is a window from which the paladins can winch up supplies, and Leo apparently has some way to create an invisible ladder of force to help us scale the wall.

Corentin and Damir kept watch in the street while the others climbed in. Something happened and a fight broke out with the paladins. A body fell out the window, and the two watchmen quickly disposed of it in the sewer and did not scream like little girls at all. Leoian came down to help with the bodies shortly before a stone of silence fell out of the window, followed by a fireball exploding just at the window, and then another paladin fell to the ground. Shortly later a third, armored paladin fell out the widow and our party climbed down shortly later. We got two bodies hidden in the sewer before the watch showed up. Corentin made the body invisible, and Vimmack carried the invisible body away. Meanwhile, Leoian created a web to slow the watch down, and we all got out of Dodge (wherever that is). They got on to us again, so Damir put on one of the cloaks to pose as a paladin and took the watch on his tail. Unfortunately, he had difficulty escaping and made it only because D’azmril cast Haste on him. He now owes her one.

The next morning we turned over the necklace to Xend. We need to sell a ruse that we hunted down the paladins to steal the necklace back from them, to cover our story as we complete the job we were hired to do. Damir donned a disguise and went to an “adventurers’ tavern” to find a short job out of town…



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