Baldur's Gate

The Next Mision, Part 3

DR 1379, 16th Flamerule, cont.
Leoaine found Captain Melin down near the docks. I recalled that he owed the Guild a favor, and I called it in. He said his ship, the Fortune’s Favor, can catch them, but we may be catching up to them near Waterdeep. He also suggested that if we took the Gilded Lady, we could catch the Sunrise quicker. We agreed to take the Lady, and sail.

While waiting, we came up with a plan to convince Lempressa Berauld to return to town. We wrote two copies of her “confession”. We decided that if she signs it, she can return to the Gate (which would give the Guild a ship).

We asked around and learned that about half the crew of the Lady would not be on the boat. The ship also has a Ship’s Mage.

We talked our way onto the ship, and a fight ensued. We took the boat with no casualties on our side.

DR 1379, 17th Flamerule.
It was late in the afternoon when we caught up to the Morning Sunrise. We came up with a story (and a “warrant”) and sailed to the other ship. We convinced the other Captain that Lempressa should be taken into custody. He agreed, Lempressa, however, did not, and her guards decided to put up a fight…



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