Baldur's Gate

The Next Mission

DR 1379, 15th Flamerule.

Recently, we have become well-known, and not without good reason. Not long ago, while causing a momentary distraction, we took out a FF Patrol. Not bad work, if I do say so myself, and I often do.

We found ourselves at the guild today, by invitation of course, with a new assignment. Guildmaster Xend had a simple job: a man must be detained. Gerard Delore, the silk merchant. Our part is to keep the Fist busy. Delore’s shop is on the West Road, in the second ring.

This could be an issue as the Fist has a bit of a presence here. We estimated that there would be 3 patrols to distract. So, three plans.

The first plan was to burn down the shop of Yarrel the Blacksmith. We decided to set his thatched roof on fire. (He’s the best choice as he is one of Vorn Ovthec’s main competitors.)

The second plan was… up in the air.

The third plan is the bump and run. Leoaine will “steal” my wallet and run off.

While trying to figure that out, we decided to get the schedule and people on the routes for tomorrow. We decided to speak to Beaumont, one of the Flaming Fist members with a gambling problem. We each coughed up 6 gold and decided to see how reasonable he would be.

We met up with Beau at the Temple of Tymora



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