Baldur's Gate

The Next Mission, Part 2

We decided to speak to Beaumont. When we arrived at the Temple, a bit after dinner, we saw that Beau was winning. We retreated shortly to determine a plan of approach. We decided to play some cards, and take Beaumont for all he has (and possible loan him some money).

We ended up beating Beaumont out at the table, and so we made a deal. We paid him the 30 gold, and I owe him a favor. He agreed to provide the routes.

We finally came up with a 3rd plan, which would involve some roadwork. (The backup plan being “get him”.)

We dug out a hole beneath the road. It was about 2’x’4’x8’. We braced the hole and setup a pulley system.

Then, finally… some sleep.

DR 1379, 16th Flamerule.

Next day, near the first hour of the afternoon, Xend, a male human in mithral chainmail with a two handed sword, and an unarmored attractive drow woman met with Gerard Delore. We took up positions.

Leoain started the fire, and it burned quite well. It almost took out two other buildings, forcing us to actually help put it out. Being resourceful, we managed to do so.

From there, Leoain & I setup the second plan, which started out very well. Leoain grabbed the purse and ran, while I (disguised as an old woman), shouted for help. Unfortunately, one of the Fist decided he needed an immediate report. He questioned me a bit, and eventually realized that I was dissembling with regard to the reason for my presence in that part of town. He grabbed me before I realized it, and got me in an arm lock. I tried to escape, but he had me pretty good. Vorn arrived, tripped him (after a bit), and assisted me in escaping. He hit the Fist Captain pretty hard, I distracted him, and we both ran. He managed to send a Dancing Lights up which let the Fist know where we were. Still, we managed to escape.

Vimak pulled the rope, dropping a small wagon’s back axle into the hole, creating a nice sized traffic snarl. Sadly, the Fist helped the merchant repair the wheel, so we tried to spook the horse. Damir’s spell failed, so Vimak dug under the horse to scare it. This worked enough to snarl the traffic.

We went back to meet with Xend et al. We gave him an update on our progress. Xend then explained what was going on. It turns out that Gerard is the ex-son-in-law of a Duke, and he has been trying to get his son away from the boy’s mother. Gerard had a chance to win the case, but his ex hired us to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Xend offered Gerard a deal: we rescue the man’s son and Gerard skips town. In return, Gerard turns over his property to the Guild.

Xend explained that the boy’s mother has houses up and down the Sword Coast. She is one Lempressa Berauld. He told us to find her before she sets out for Beregost, Waterdeep, or Westgate. She booked passage on the Morning Sunrise, a ship bound for Waterdeep, which just left.

We found out what the ship was carrying, and I created a “bill of lading” for that ship. Leoain found an unsavory captain, and we made a deal.



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