Baldur's Gate

Vacation Day, part 1

a pleasant romp through the woods ...??

We buried the bodies and found a job for our trip – a nearby town wants us to “clear out” and old iron mine so they can begin mining there again. It is unclear what needs to be cleared out of it because Vorn and Vimmack didn’t bother to ask.

Once we left town, D’azmril offered us 4000gp each to do a job for her, while she went off to do something else… We are to raze a particular village and get the attention of the Burning Fist while doing so. She claims this is to make the Burning Fist look foolish and seem unable to protect the surrounding areas around Baldur’s Gate. We decided to kill two birds with one stone and have Vorn, Vimmack, and Corentin use the paladins’ cloaks to disguise themselves as the paladins while they burn down the village.

Leoian and Damir went into the village in disguise the evening to scout ahead. The citizens were behaving very oddly, kind of standoffish, even to each other. We also noted that the moon is currently full. What these facts have to do with each other remained unclear at the time…

As Damir was disguised as an acolyte of Lathander and the next day was midsummer, he was asked to come back at dawn to perform a significant Lathanderan ceremony. Leo and Damir returned to town in the morning and saw there was some damage, a few drops of blood on the ground, and so forth. Damir completed the ceremony with clinical precision, but fortunately nobody was inspired by the “glories” of the Morninglord. The pair left very shortly thereafter, before their magical disguises wore off.

The other three then walked into town. They first went to the stables and stole all the horses but two.



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