Lady Lempressa Berauld

The daughter of Duke Berauld, and dispossessed mother


Recently, Lady Lempressa hired the Thieves’ Guild to detain her ex-husband from a “business meeting”. However, the meeting was in actuality a court date to determine custody of their child. Due to this, the activity was not legally sanctioned (i.e., it was not sactionable). Xend knew this but pretended not to and completed the mission, but then made a deal with her ex-husband to give him their son in exchange for his house and his leaving town with his son.

The party was tasked with retrieving the boy, but Lempressa has already set sail out of town. They teamed up with a pirate to catch up to Lempressa’s ship, and they brought her and the boy both back to town. They also had her sign a confession stating she knowingly hired the Thieves’ Guild to perform an illegal job and devieved the Guild as to the nature of that job (i.e., so that they thought it was legally sanctioned).

Lady Lempressa Berauld

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