Baldur's Gate

Induction Day, Part 3

DR 1379, 22nd – 24th Flamerule (cont.)

We debated speaking to Calimint the sewer worker (our friend) or Wimell who used to work the iron mines nearby. He does not have a chatty reputation but a drinker, so we decided to talk to him. We went down to the Manticore’s Tail and engaged his services.

We then spent two days digging and building a room. When we went in, Leoain managed to knock over a bottle. An old man came to check, but I Sleeped him. We finished cleaning the place out; as we were getting ready to finish the job, a little girl walked in. She was reasonable, and I convinced her to go to sleep.

We cleaned up after outselves, left Xend his share, brought the bottles to Vorn’s, loaded them up on a cart, and delivered them to the Guild. D’azmril tried to claim credit for our job.



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