The Town

Yarlsburg is a town outside of Baldur’s Gate, just beyond the range at which the Flaming Fist care to pay attention (but perhaps not beyond where they could, if they wanted to). It is located in a forested area with rich mineral deposits. Historically, its wealth has come from the logging industry and, to a lesser extent, mining. Recent events involving a druid and a curse have curtailed this resource extraction and The Town’s current wealth is limited. However, the recent lifting of the curse, defeat of the druid, and a new mineral & resource rights contract, may lead to new riches…

People & Places

The Town is ruled as a (presumptively) free town by the Baronette Yarl. Additionally, there are three respected townfolk of note: Durden the blacksmith, Welmarick the barkeep, and Yimino the general store owner.


The Town had been plagued by a cure, where the former (?) logging family was turned into werewolves and the mayor and his family were turned into werebears. After a bunch of paladins killed the werebear mayor (and family), and imbalance in the curse resulted. Yarl and his adventuring party killed the werewolves, presuming this would end the curse (so long as no one is appointed mayor before the next full moon, of course). The druid who originally placed the curse took exception to this… but a young adult black dragon soon came to devour the druid, solving that problem.

The Town

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